Our Mission

Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks is a program that not only offer shoes to help our youth in the community we are a program that offers our youth a chance. The shoes that we offer are just a means to the beginning. The people that we help not only get a pair of shoes, but we offer you a voice. With our radio station YKFK Radio, the youth will have a chance to speak their mind. The shoes and clothes are a necessities for the youth to get by today, but an outlet into something that can create a promising career is a necessity for their future!

YKFK Radio

ykfk radio

Here we are all about giving the kids a chance. and We are giving the kids a chance!

A chance to voice their opinion

A chance to take a new step

A chance to take a step forward!

Sign your kids up for radio and we will show them how to produce their own show, get sponsors, and make their own jobs!


Our Supporters

Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks Supplies Wish List

  • Sneaker Cleaner: Sponsored by EB Kicks
  • Sneaker/ Shoe Erasers
  • Shoe Trees
  • Sneaker Shoe Laces (All Colors, All Lengths)
  • Shoe Insoles (All Sizes)
  • White/ Black Polish
  • Sole Sauce

Your support is needed to keep the program going. Any donations you can do helps to get supplies, sneakers, and clothes for the youth. If you have any products you would like to donate please reach out to us on social media, contact form, or email thesocialitedj@yahoo.com

Your donations helps us to keep our program running. We appreciate your help in keeping our communities strong. As a thank you reach out to The Socialite DJ, tell her YKFK sent you and you could get a deal on her next DJ set!