About Us


Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks is a program that not only offer shoes to help our youth in the community we are a program that offers our youth a chance. The shoes that we offer are just a means to the beginning.

There are over 6,000 homeless youth in our Las Vegas valley and that is just one city. There are more children dropping out of schools and worst because of their situation. Situations that a child has no control over! Our youth are homeless and hungry and we as a nation can not afford for them to not be educated as well. Children are being bullied in school because of the clothes that they can't afford. Children are being harassed in school because of the foods they can not afford. Children are being counted out because of the life their parents chose. We're here to help level the playing fields the best way that we can.

Starting with shoes, as we donate sneakers, clothes and more we are helping them to get back into schools. Clothes are such an essential part in youth character development. We are helping to prevent bullying to these children, in which helps them to develop self respect.

Meet The Socialite DJ

The Socialite DJ is our founder. She is a female DJ that is based in Las Vegas, and playing all over. Her style of music has no limit as she is always looking to expand her sound. She is passionate about helping the youth, and giving the youth of today a better chance to succeed tomorrow.

"I always knew that I would do something to help the neighborhood. These kids are being put on the "count them out" list and that's before they graduate. That's not even cool man. As long as I can I will be looking for ways to Give These Kids A Chance! We've all been there where we couldn't afford and remember that feeling. That's all they've felt, they're there now! I'm there now, barely holding on. If it weren't for my DJing, myself nor the program wouldn't be here. So in a way every gig that I do, is apart of this journey. It's not an easy journey, but it is one that my kicks will be traveling."


Your donations helps us to keep our program running. We appreciate your help in keeping our communities strong. As a thank you reach out to The Socialite DJ, tell her YKFK sent you and you could get a deal on her next DJ set!