The Socialite DJ cleaning sneakers at a First Friday pop up

How Do We Do It?

There's no secret to what we do here. We clean sneakers and give back to our community, your community. Some people have nothing, and when you have nothing because you come from nothing that's what you feel. Our goal is to help our youth challenge that feeling. Overcoming that feeling is what our goal is for them. Through that they will be encouraged to do better than what they're shown. Their lives matter and we need them to know that!

Those Who Help The Community

In order to make sure the shoes goes to the youth that needs that extra help, we are working with non-profit organizations such as these below who do more in helping our youth of today.


Nevada Partnership of Homeless Youth helps to provide shelter, food, clothes, and the necessities students need to be prepared adults in the future.

Project 150

Project 150 has been helping to supply over 150 schools across the southern valley with food for teens that are homeless or at risk. Also providing students with clothes and needed necessities.

Your donations helps us to keep our program running. We appreciate your help in keeping our communities strong. As a thank you reach out to The Socialite DJ, tell her YKFK sent you and you could get a deal on her next DJ set!